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Founded in 2015 by editor Anne-Sophie Dreyfus and author and translator Gilles Rozier, L’Antilope is focusing on Jewish literature from all over the world : fiction (mostly), creative non fiction and essays originaly written in Hebrew, Yiddish, English, Spanish, etc. From 2017, the program will include French Jewish literature.



Jean-Pierre Gattégno is the author of 11 books. Les aventures de l’infortuné marrane Juan de Figueras is his 11th novel, released in France in February 2018.

Spain, 17th century. Juan, the narrator, is a son of Marranos, those Jews forced by the Inquisition to convert to Catholicism and who continued to practice Judaism in secret. His father, a rich merchant from Seville, decides to send him to a Catholic school in distant Valencia. There, Juan discovers theft, treachery, lies. After a year, he runs away and wants to return to his parents in Seville. But the journey will be longer than expected…

For this novel, L’Antilope is responsible for foreign rights to all languages.



Transport is Yves Flank‘s first novel.

Released in France in August 2018.

In a wagon from Drancy to Auschwitz, the thoughts of the brown man and the red-haired woman cross. The brown man gives to hear, to see, to feel what happens there. The red-haired woman relives the passionate love she sings in her head. She calls her great love for help.

For this novel, L’Antilope is responsible for foreign rights to all languages.



L’Antilope began in January 2016 with Rachel Shalita’s first novel Comme deux sœurs (original title in Hebrew A’hayot a’hayot).

For this novel, L’Antilope is responsible for foreign rights to all languages except Hebrew.




Published in French by l’Antilope in March 2017, Hanan Ayalti‘s novel Attendez-moi métro République tells the story of the Sokolovskis, a family of Jewish immigrants from Poland, during WWII. Jacques, the son, a communist resistant, took part in an action against the Gestapo and is hiding. His parents don’t know were he is. With flash backs to the 30s, this page turner gives a very interesting view on the French society during the German occupation and during the pre-war years.

For this novel, written in Uruguay in 1943 (original title : Tate un zun) L’Antilope is responsible for foreign rights to all languages.



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